Dear Prospective Member:

During the days of segregation, the African American Schools in Virginia were organized under the umbrella of the Virginia Interscholastic Association (VIA). The VIA oversaw all aspects of athletic and other extracurricular activities and competitions of its members. Limited by inferior funding, the VIA still managed to provide district play games, officials and state play-offs and championship games, plus many other events.

The Virginia Interscholastic Association (VIA) is gone, but not forgotten. The VIA Heritage Association has been organized with a mission of preserving, protecting and promoting the history of the VIA. Also our mission is to highlight the important legacy of African American achievements in sports, music, law, politics and other achievements under the direction of Virginia Interscholastic Association (VIA) from 1954-1970. The VIA disappeared after merging with the previously White Virginia High School League (VHSL).

The VIA Heritage Association is composed of individuals representing several of the 115 high Schools that existed before integration in 1970. The VIA Association is committed to establishing a Hall of Fame and a Museum on the campus of Virginia State University (VSU) where the VIA was based and directed activities. Also VIA records and history will be archived at VSU. Some of the VIA High Schools in Virginia included Armstrong, Maggie L. Walker in Richmond, VA, Peabody in Petersburg, VA, George Washington Carver in Chesterfield, VA, Virginia Randolph in Henrico County, VA, John Gandy in Hanover County, VA, Carter G. Woodson in Hopewell, VA, Burley High, in Charlottesville, VA, I.C. Norcom in Portsmouth, VA, Carver in Chesapeake, VA, Parker-Gray in Alexandria, VA, and Union High in Bowling Green, VA, Dunbar High, in Lynchburg,VA, John M. Langston High, in Danville, VA, Southside High, in Blaire, VA, Northside High, in Gretna ,VA, Mary Bethune High, in Halifax, VA.

If you would like to support this important mission, please complete the membership application and return it with the appropriate fees.

Thank you for your favorable consideration.


James (Jimmy) Hollins, Chairman

Thelma Jefferson, Corresponding Secretary

Contributions to The VIA Heritage Association are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.